About Us - Tiendas.com

Tiendas.com is a simple comparator of products from online stores and local stores, which makes it easy to find the desired product at the right price and also show you the stores that can have the product nearby. At Tiendas.com we strive to expand the product catalog and show you the best offers, from any type of stores, such as Amazon, Mediamarkt, or eBay.

With the great growth of e-commerce, consumers are looking for a greater variety of options and shops from which to obtain the information they need, to help in their purchase decision, either the cheapest price in an online store or in a shop nearby. Our mission is to offer the consumer the maximum offer to search, compare and buy.

Accuracy of information

Product specifications and other information have been provided by stores, manufacturers, distributors, advertisers, or from public domain sources. The intention of Tiendas.com is that all information on the website is as accurate and updated as possible. However, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the prices. We recommend to our users to make their own checks in the stores that appear in our service to verify the prices. All actions taken by the user of the website are your responsibility. Tiendas.com can not guarantee that the information is correct or be responsible for any action taken based on the information and prices shown.

Relationship with shops

The stores listed on Tiendas.com are independent and Tiendas.com does not act as a broker, agent, or distributor. The relationship with any store contacted through our service is exclusively between you and the store. You agree not to have Tiendas.com as responsible for any damage or incidence that you may have as a result of a purchase or relationship with a store whose content you have obtained through our website. For any error or problem with our website, please contact us at webmaster@tiendas.com